About Us

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Our studio was primarily established with 1 simple thought: to bring the joy of dancing to each and everyone.   We believe there are so much merits in dancing that one should not miss the joy of dancing in their lives. Dance is so easily approachable, and everyone can dance according to their own physical ability and dance technicality. 


However, the most important thing is to get the professional and proper knowledge in dancing so that there is less hindrance, but more accelerators in your journey in dancing, and finally one can achieve most joy and fun, not the least frustration, in one’s dance journey.  Our teaching team is selected from the best dancers of the world: most of them have been trained in Europe from young age, having gained many awards in UK’s international competitions, with proper dance teaching certificates conferred by the IDTA (International Dance Teachers’ Association).


As our studio grows from strength to strength, we have also developed many health and physical strength programs for enhancements. However, dance is our main focus.


The motto of our studio is:

  • Through good times and bad times there is always dancing
  • To celebrate your life,
  • To celebrate your being,
  • To celebrate the momentum with us.